Following the ‘IAS’ Mantra

Ravi Saxena, M.D. Wonderchef staunchly believes in the IAS mantra which spells out Integrity Ability and Stability

Born with an entrepreneurial spirit and a never give-up attitude, Ravi Saxena took the road less travelled at a very young age. With the passage of time, he learnt more lessons and kept on strengthening his expertise with each passing day. Here’s more about his trailblazing journey!

Take us through your journey of pursuing Electronics Engineering to becoming a sought-after CEO and MD of an array of multinational organizations?

I had seen tough times during the early years of my life and that perhaps laid the foundation of absorbing the challenges which entrepreneurship brings. I never had an employee like attitude towards my job. I always used to think like an entrepreneur and was ready for the challenges. This led to the variety of challenging profiles which I handled successfully. Bringing Sodexho to India was one such task which further strengthened my entrepreneurship spirit.

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