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Presenting an exclusive interview with Suhani & Gurbani, the Co-founders at Trouvaille Communication Curators

The Meraki girl- Suhani Bachan, the Founder of Trouvaille Communication Curators is a one woman Army. Being a part of the showbiz herself, she is in the know of all things social media. Suhani has been in the core production teams for various advertisements for more two years in Mumbai. After completing her education, she came back to Chandigarh to contribute her share of experience in social media set up in the city. She comes from a family of some great talent. Her father, Surinder Bachan is a legendary Punjabi music Director and her mother, Shiwani Tomar Prabhu is an entrepreneur running the popular outlet Gourmet nine. Suhani endeavors to bring the magic of Mumbai to City Beautiful to create something extraordinary with her far-reaching vision.

To further accelerate the expertise of Trouvaille Communication Curators, the organization has Gurbani Buttar, the Founder-Partner. A multi-tasker by choice, Gurbani is a Lawyer and a Fashion & Lifestyle connoisseur. She also acts as the head-editor of her Blog- Spangle Street. A true lover of social media, she manages and creates content that aspires to touch the soul of readers online. Gurbani holds the strong professional values of her father, John Buttar, who is a Gunner/Aviator Army Veteran. Her aesthetics and sense of style comes from her mother, Ranbir. A brand’s friend and motivator, Gurbani is always in search of people and things that are unique and authentic. An observer of intricate details, Gurbani makes sure to put all her artistic thoughts to actualities.

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