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A super-mom who dons various hats, Nikky Gupta embodies traits of an exponential leader who never believes in resting on her laurels

An Entrepreneur, a Health Advocate, a mother of two adorable kids (Kanishk and Keev) and the Co-Founder of Teamwork Communications Group and Indian Health & Wellness Foundation, Nikky Gupta embodies traits of an exponential leader who never believes in resting on her laurels. 

Hailing her roots from the northern industrial town of Kanpur in a family where women were content playing household roles, Nikky was always itching to explore new avenues. Early on in life, she learnt the basics of entrepreneurship and skills of conducting and expanding the business by keenly observing her father. Studying Mass Communication opened a new world of opportunities for her and took her to Delhi where she started a career in the field of Public Relations. Having spent a few years learning on the job, she decided to turn entrepreneur and co-founded Teamwork Communications Group in 2010, a 360-degree communications solution providing agency.

Walk us through your journey as a mompreneur? How has it been so far?

It would be an understatement to call it a roller coaster ride. When you are a mompreneur, you are essentially mothering not just your children but also your enterprise. You are a mother to both. You want to be there for your children, but you also want to be there for your company and both these responsibilities offer different sorts of challenges. When I delivered my first child, my company was a young organization in a startup phase, and I was needed rigorously to oversee its daily affairs. We had young employees who were highly energetic but needed constant guidance. It was impossible for me back then to take prolonged maternity leave. I remember even from my hospital bed right before delivering I was coordinating for some essential activities. Barely a few hours after undergoing the C section, I was frantically asking for my mobile phone to be able to check my e-mail. Since I was directly involved in servicing several clients, I couldn’t manage to stay unconnected for long as it could almost halt the work on those accounts. I resumed working, albeit from home, after 5 days of delivery. In two weeks, I was up on my feet attending events. So, it was tough. By the time it came to my second child, we were in a much better position thankfully, with experienced managers and a larger workforce who could handle things independently for a longer time without my supervision.

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