“Experience the magic that we are weaving!”

With the sole aim of reviving the beautiful tradition & the rich heritage of Punjab embedded in the art of ‘Phulkari’, every creation at ‘Punjla’ is an indulgence in itself. So, to know more about the brand, we speak to Ankit Singla, Founder & Owner of Punjla Clothing

By: Bhavya Gaind

Take us through the journey of Punjla Clothing?

Punjla is a brand which draws inspiration from the roots of the heart of Punjab. The brand represents the hard work of the craftsmen and the artisans who put their heart and soul into weaving the final products.  The brand started out with making aesthetic Phulkaris and Punjabi juttis but we’ve now ventured into diversifying the brand and making more products.

Your handcrafted phulkari work and juttis seem to be the talk of the town. Tell us more about it?

Punjab is the land of art and craft with the ‘jutti’ and the Phulkari being a pivotal part for it.  However, with the increase in demand and availability for it, the real essence of how a ‘jutti’ is made and how a Phulkari is actually weaved has been lost somewhere due to the commercialization. We at ‘Punjla’ are trying to restore this lost art and we work extensively with the artisans across the Malwa region. Our handcrafted ‘juttis’ ensure that wearing traditional footwear is actually experience for the customer since they are super soft and very comfortable. Our Phulkari products are not commercially weaved on heavy machinery but handcrafted with sheer dedication.

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