Every Creation of God is a Masterpiece

A writer and a learner in the true sense, Sonika Shandilya decodes her trail as a writer; speaks about her latest novel ‘Tinking of the bell, before it rings’

By: Bhavya Gaind

Hailing her roots from the City Beautiful, Sonika Shandilya completed her schooling from here before moving to Patiala to pursue her Masters in Business Administration from Punjabi University.

“Having taught MBA students and dabbling with landscaping and interior projects, I now pour my creativity in words,” smiles Sonika sharing her passion for writing. She further adds, “Just as I feel things to write, I also feel music to dance.”

A true Punjabi at heart, Sonika lives happily with her husband and two sons. Syncing with the same she quips, “My relationship with Punjab is well caught by my quote – The ageing of grapes produces intoxicating wine just as long relationships became intoxicating and gives a high.”

Sonika’s journey as an author started eleven years ago when she wrote “Joy all the way – Kids”, which didn’t receive much critical acclaim but that didn’t stop her passion for writing and eventually it led her to write her latest book, “Tinking of the bell, before it rings” which has received appreciation from bibliophiles as soon as it was launched.

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