Enhancing beauty and confidence – Dr Nivedita Bawa

She believes every person is beautiful in their own way, but the most beautiful person is the one who is confident. Prosthodontics and trained cosmetic dentist Dr. Nivedita Bawa talks to Urban Melange about how she helps people by enhancing their features which in turn boosts their confidence.

A prosthodontics and trained cosmetic dentist, Dr. Nivedita Bawa did her diploma in AAAM (American Academy of aesthetic medicine) from Dubai followed by a fellowship in aesthetic medicine in Europe. She has been practicing at Ahuja Dental Care, Civil Lines for two years. Talking about what she loves the most about her job, she says, “as a smile and aesthetic expert I believe that every patient must walk back with a gleaming smile and glowing skin. So, making people look good makes them feel good which in turn makes me feel good – it’s all about spreading happiness.”

It is difficult for someone to make up their mind and go ahead with the treatment of transformation of their smile. Telling us about how she makes it easy for her patients, Dr. Bawa says, “transforming a smile can be a huge undertaking but I believe if we have an amalgamation of technical skills, experience, and understanding of aesthetic we can give satisfying results. With proper discussion with the patient, we provide a pre-treatment mock-up. It is like magic for all my patients as they can review tentative results beforehand. Within 3 to 5 sittings, we are able to give perfect smile with the help of veneers. Apart from veneers we also provide other aesthetic options like teeth whiting, crowns, and tooth jewelry.”

With age don’t you sometimes wish to just wave a magic wand and get away with all the wrinkles and aging of the skin and make it look flawless? Well, Dr. Nivedita seems to be having that magic wand. Injectables are an option that you can go for. One might think that it is something complicated, but Dr. Bawa says the opposite. “Injection is an art form, so as an expert injector I believe pros and cons of injectable vary depending on what type of procedure you are doing. But one of the biggest advantages of injectable is that it’s just so easy – the whole process usually takes only a few minutes with no major recovery time needed. It has countless benefits from having a less tired face, smoother looking skin to improving your confidence. It is a temporary treatment, as the effect wears off if you don’t schedule a regular touch-up appointment with your doctor.”

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