Embracing beautiful skin naturally with Keomi

With a dream to have flawless skin, she tried a lot of things and found the best results with Japanese Products. Bringing it to the market for everyone to try, she fused modern skincare innovation with traditional Japanese beauty rituals. Binti Arora, Director, Keomi Beauty talks to Urban Melange about her vision behind the brand and what makes it different from the rest in the industry.

what inspired you to start keomi beauty?

Who doesn’t want flawless and glowing skin? It’s everyone’s dream. Mine was no different! I was trying all sorts of products to maintain a healthy shine on my face despite the stress of daily work and personal commitments. But I never found the perfect elixir for my skin — it was always sensitive and dry.

Until I tried Japanese skincare products! A friend from Japan gifted me a Japanese skincare kit. To my surprise, my skin began showing positive changes just after a couple of months — it was healthier and flawless. However, the mainstream Indian market didn’t cater to Japanese skincare, and importing them from Japan was ridiculously expensive.

After months of research and several consultations with dermatologists, we decided to fuse modern skincare innovation with traditional Japanese beauty rituals. With this philosophy, Keomi Beauty was born.

What is your vision behind the brand?

Keomi Beauty wants to help you embrace yourself in your beautiful skin while keeping it at its healthy best. Our team is inspired to create pocket-friendly and modern formulations of timeless skincare rituals that use effective but gentle ingredients. We go by the time-honored Japanese natural traditions to provide the cleanest, fresh, and incredibly soft skin texture. Our mission is to continue to source the finest, most innovative ingredients to deliver quality-rich skincare to you.

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