‘Embrace what is naturally your own’

Adhuna Bhabani, Founder & Creative Director, BBLUNT

When I’m asked about seasonal trends, perhaps it’s wishful thinking on my part, but I’ve been saying for years that people need to embrace what is naturally their own. The ’90s are definitely a strong influence shaping and leading fashion everywhere right now. Accessories, snap clips, bobby pins, and barrettes in pop-art colors are great too and fun additions for styling. These are some of the trending looks in fashion, hair, and make-up on the international runways and editorials. 

I feel hairstyles are not so much definitive anymore. Its statement-making colors, rather than definitive styles, are trending. Actress Jennifer Winget was ready for a dramatic makeover, so we collaborated with Jennifer and launched our Cherry Red hair color, and the result is fabulous. As you can see, Jennifer is a gorgeous “redhead”. Red is a popular color this winter, or even a violet-blue for our more adventurous clients. Hair color is a great way to experience the same kind of significant, personal transformation as you would with a new cut or style.

With the winter upon us, festival season, and our great, big, Indian weddings. For a bridal look, I would work with natural texture and more realistic hair, taking weather, comfort, and context as considerations, over a contrived or high-maintenance style. Women want to feel special as the bride, as they should, and for me what factors to decide on a look is a blend of personal taste, suitability, character, and preferences of the bride, and most importantly how she sees herself. A great cut, color, or style can bring a beautiful balance between the aesthetic of the bride’s bone structure, face shape, body proportions, costume, and colors she will be wearing; it’s the same ideating we would go through during a consultancy for a haircut. Bridal hair, and haircuts, and styles overall, can be freer, more comfortable, modern, and subtly chic while being inspired by the beauty of culture and tradition as well.

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