Easy on Pocket

Here’s how you can save money on make up!

When you buy make-up cosmetics, keep certain aspects in mind, so that you save money in the long run. Check that the item is not too close to the expiry date. However, you make find that many make-up items do not carry an expiry date, so you should have an idea of how long a make-up cosmetic may last. Cosmetics are exposed to dust and mix with the natural oils of the skin through their applicators. This can affect the stability of the product. What if the expiry date is not mentioned? A good way of knowing that a cosmetic item is past its expiry date is by the look and smell of the product. If a lipstick smells rancid, it means that the oils may have separated. Mascara can get dry and lumpy fast, due to the pumping action we use when we apply it.

Knowing how to store cosmetics and care for the applicators helps the make-up items stay fresh and last longer. For one thing, always wash your hands before applying make-up, because we often tend to use our fingertips to apply or blend. During summer, store lipsticks in a plastic bag and keep in the fridge, so that the oils do not separate. Sharpen your lip and eye pencils regularly and always keep the caps on. A few drops of saline water helps lumpy mascara, or put the whole tube in a cup of hot water. Make-up brushes for dry cosmetics like blushers and eye shadow need to be washed once a week. Dirty brushes can spread germs and bacteria and affect the stability of the product. Clean all brushes with hot water and mild shampoo. Rinse thoroughly, wipe with a clean tissue and dry them in the sun.

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