Dreams Coming True

Rajeev Sharma, Owner of Doon International school, is about to unleash their next edition in the holy city Amritsar.


Nurturing the children right from the early year of education, providing each one of them personal attention and an inviting environment, keeping all the parents stress free, Rajeev Sharma, Owner of Doon International school is all set to kick-start in a magnificent manner in 2019.

Walk us through your journey into entrepreneurship and how did you venture into the idea of an education system?

Standing tall in a business sphere earlier, having an avalanche of experience in management skills, with top-notch business qualities instilled in me, I saw the dream in my father’s eyes and devoted myself in making that dream come alive. The dream was to witness young birds fly maximum heights under a well protected and supremely caring shelter. To build that shelter for young minds, to establish an education system for the future generation was what I made my most essential goal to achieve. It began with a thought in my father’s mind and went on to nurture the entire young generation into becoming what they desire to be. School is a place to reach and further complete people’s demands for their young ones, we are here to keep an eye on every single detail and make Doon International School the best place for every child and a satisfying experience for every parent.

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