Dr. Praveen Devgan


Tell us something about your journey in the shoes of a doctor, so far. Why did you choose this field of Specialty?

After completing my Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), I had to appear in the Post-graduate entrance test for admission in Medicinae Doctor (MD) course. I was among the toppers so I could get any specialty which had a more easy life & more earning. Still, I chose surgery because I had worked a bit in surgery and liked it a lot. One of the senior surgeons saw my initial aptitude & told me that my hand, eye & mind coordination was very good & I would become a good surgeon. So, I decided to take up surgery as a profession & career instead of other lucrative offers. I did my masters in surgery in GMC Ameristar & learned basics of surgery. After doing my Masters in Surgery in1995, I went to Beas Charitable Hospital, where I worked for 5 years under the guidance of best surgeon of the region, Dr. B.S. Tung (who had retired from GMC Amritsar as principal & HOD of Surgery & DRME of Punjab.) He taught me each & every surgical operation in detail from most simple to most difficult & complicated ones. I did around 8000 operations in Beas. Then in 2000, I shifted my base to Amritsar.

There, I worked with all big & famous hospitals of Amritsar for 11years till I opened Altec Laser Hospital.
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