Do Men Care if Women Wear Makeup?

The world of women’s makeup is something of alien land to most men, a cryptic terrain of tinges, potions, brushes, and blotters!

By: Jai Madaan

Do you think guys don’t care about makeup? Think again. Men have a lot of thoughts about women who wear makeup. Believe it or not, some individuals still feel that women should wear makeup every day to keep their men happy. Most men don’t really read into that, so their views would be ‘The better you look, or the more you look like what we want, the better for us’, or ‘Just wear whatever makeup you want, it doesn’t mean anything’, and so on. Some of them say those things from egocentric reasons, some say them from witlessness, and others say them because that’s what they really believe. Everybody is different, so not everyone will think the same things.

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