Dine Out at Home!

Curating a memorable experience for everyone alike, Chef Raji’s Home Dining Experience – Beyond Dining is seen to be the latest buzz in town

Imagine if you could have the best of all worlds- custom made gourmet food, tasteful ambience, company of your choice and the comfort of your own private space. Sounds too good to be true? Well, that’s what the new concept of Private Home Dining that Home chefs have to offer.

This tale is about Chef Raji’s Home Dining Experience – Beyond Dining. Nestled in the upmarket locality is Chef Raji’s Bungalow, where she hosts exclusive sit-down dinners – a culmination of taste, ambience and service, which makes it a memorable experience for the guests.

 Beyond Dining is all about a pre-decided gourmet menu that caters to the palates of the guests, a cosy aura, creatively themed evening décor, hand-picked music and of course an intimate invite list.  All these ingredients come together to create satisfaction that surpasses just the gastronomic pleasure. Not anywhere in Mumbai can a private dinner setting get more chic than this? Chef Raji’s beautiful home is a spectacular, a two-storey Tuscan influenced villa, stone arched entrance with wood frame windows, an open patio with garden, mellow Moroccan lights adding to the charm of the evening.

The home dining concept of Beyond Dining is not just restricted to Chef Raji’s home; it can also be moved to the venue of the guests’ choice. So be it a private party, special brunch, sundowner birthday or just an intimate gathering, Beyond Dining can curate an event with customised flavours and designs to meet your exclusive taste.

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