Developing faith in Astrology

It is difficult to believe when a stranger predicts your future. But astrology has been practiced in our country since centuries and people believe in it completely. To make it more accessible and believable to the younger generation, Puneet Gupta, started The Founder and CEO himself never completely believed in this concept but something happened which changed his view for life. We talked to him about his approach towards astrology and how things changed for him.

How did you come up with the concept of AstroTalk? What was your vision?

My vision at the time of its conception was very precise, I wanted my clients to have faith in Astrology and my Astrologers to be genuine with my clients. It all started with an astrologer who predicted my next two years from that point, and it all came true. I was never a true believer of this element of science, so, accepting that someone could predict my future so accurately came as a shocker. Nonetheless, I gave Astrology a serious thought and realized how there were many like me who simply did not believe in it because of the lack of authentic astrologers, palm readers or tarot readers. I, then, decided to offer the missing piece of puzzle by establishing a transparent platform where users could trust our services as it included problems very close to their personal life.

Have you always been a believerof Astrology? If not, what changed?

No, I frankly never believed in it. It was in 2015 when one of my colleagues suggested that she could help me in taking one of the crucial decisions of my life through reading my cards. It all felt bogus at first, but her confident face made me sit there and listen to the detailed analysis of my following years in her own words. She told me to resign then and promised me 2 years of success, post which she warned me that my business partner might leave, and I would have to face bankruptcy. I, obviously, did not believe in it but when it all happened word-by-word what she said, I couldn’t help but believe in it.

What is the major age group of people reaching out for help on AstroTalk?

There are no target customers in our business. We have young students who come for career advice whereas young professionals who wish to discuss their next corporate move. Then, we have people coming for relationship advices, some for their love affairs while others for their marriages.

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