‘Customer satisfaction is most important’

A team of two passionate brothers, Ishandeep Singh and Sukhbir Singh are on a rollercoaster ride with a number of their ongoing ventures. The reason behind the success of their ventures is their hard work and dedication. From beauty to fitness to music, they excel in their respective fields and perform their own set of roles for each brand. They talk about their professional journey and their challenges with Nikita Agarwal.

Q1. How did you start your fitness venture? What was your role in building it?

After completing our studies Ishandeep Singh (B.Tech, M.Tech) & Sukhbir Singh (MBA) we developed passion for fitness and we started our journey with a small project by the name of ‘ULTIMATE FITNESS’. It was an experimental move to divert our careers towards something which had no connection with our family backgrounds. We learnt business tactics and played different roles on floor as well as off floor without hesitation. We gave our all sweat and blood into this venture.

Q2. What is that one thing that inspires you the most?

It is a universal fact that human brain is the most miraculous thing we are gifted with, yet we don’t make best use of it. And that is our belief, to extract best ideas out of it which keeps us going. We try our best to come up with something new and excel in it.

Q3. From owning a beauty business to being a fitness professional and even a music producer, you play a number of roles. What do you enjoy the most?

We specially choose those fields which keep us in high spirits! When we wake up in the morning, all three ventures are like a positive push for us to leave the bed and get going. And when we go to bed at night, the excitement of resuming things again the next morning keeps us agile. We believe one should do what they enjoy the most.

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