Curating ‘Life at its Best’

What started with an inspiration to help people’s dream to own a house convert into a reality, eventually led Mr LC Mittal, Owner, Motia Group surpass benchmarks in the real estate industry. Here’s an insider’s view into his proficient trail

What inspired you to take the professional plunge in real estate? Have the industry standards met your expectations?

The thing that inspired me to enter real estate sector was the understanding of the need for houses, how so many people dream of owning a house and earn for a lifetime to turn that dream into reality. Housing is one such sector that will always be in demand no matter what. With time, we realized the need for commercial property as well and started with our commercial project.

The real estate sector has done wonders and has grown tremendously and with the latest amendments and introduction of RERA by the government has created unprecedented transparency and has regained the faith of the buyers in the developers. Also, the shifting of regulation of housing finance companies to RBI by the government in the union budget will result in improved regulations. Following such important decisions by the government, we can certainly say the industry is certainly on its path of revival.

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