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Creating Flavourful Memories with PunChin

Hotel Cama’s PunChin restaurant, welcoming guests since 2012, is a taste bud paradise! Imagine a place where Punjabi and Chinese flavours join forces to create a symphony of deliciousness that makes your taste buds do a happy dance.

From the spicy Punjabi spices to the subtle magic of Chinese cooking, PunChin’s chefs are like taste wizards, crafting a menu that’s a magical journey for your palate. Every bite is a burst of joy, and the combination of these two incredible cuisines is a flavour explosion you won’t forget.

PunChin isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a legacy of taste and happiness. Families and friends have gathered here for years to share laughter and create unforgettable memories around a table filled with delicious dishes. PunChin’s legacy lies in the food and how it brings people together, turning every meal into a celebration.

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