Creating art through fashion

Mahzabeen Pirzada Label

With an aim to create heirlooms with her artistic designs, Mahzabeen Pirzada Sandhu, owner, and designer of her label enjoys fashion as a part of her life since a very young age. Her label’s vision is to craft stories on fabric which enables her to tell a different story with each garment. Read through her conversation with us about how she perceives fashion as art and more.

Q. Give us an introduction of yourself and your business?

I am a graduate of the London School of Fashion.

Fashion has always been an integral part of my life. Even when I go to my memory lane, I remember that this aesthetic creativity has always come naturally to me. I have always been passionate about fashion; I love dolling up and dressing others. Fashion is more of a language I would say. It’s your best foot forward to speak volumes before you actually say a word. Fashion sings of your personality, of who you are as a person. At the studio, we work with creative liberty, which gives flight to my imagination of creating an infinite number of designs. It is all about enjoying every piece of art we create, and then the same sense of delight can be felt among our clients who wear them. Fashion is about storytelling through clothing; it’s about the stories behind them and the ones you create around them. It’s a cultural influence, backstory, or intellectual touchpoint that you can trace back to what you’re wearing. We use it to escape the mundane, to embrace and celebrate tradition. It’s about a sense of history and pride and it embodies a greater sense of purpose than just a garment tossed on to cover bodies. I started my own brand in 2015 with the help of my mother. My creations are an ode to the rich textile legacy of India. I see my work as an uncompromising evolution and a modern interpretation of this heritage. To me, my craft is just not an expression it’s rather a celebration. I don’t believe in conforming to ‘Status Quo’. I aim for my work to rise up to be ‘Art’; ethereal and enigmatic, impalpable to trend and time. A narrative, bonding generations to become heirlooms.

Q. What inspires your designs?

My label stands by its core ‘Crafting stories on fabric’. Every outfit has a different story, it speaks of eloquence. I draw inspiration from nature and its opulence. My collection is aptly named “Garden of Eden” where I return to time and again, exploring its myriad of facets, like a beguiling jewel. I am drawn to exotic birds and animals, incorporating a vibrant saturated palette of color. Gold is the key material that brings the crowning glory via embroidery. Every piece we make is exquisitely adorned with all gold embroidery.

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