Cougar Relationships: An Insider’s View

By: Jai Madaan

The concept of older women dating younger men has become a perennially popular topic these days. Here’s the secret!

It is not just the age difference that makes people curious; many people are skeptical as to how two people with so many years between them can have anything in common? The popular assumption is that the relationship is based on purely material gains!

A man begins to look for a woman, who is older than him because an older woman is presumed to be less selfish; she requires much less attention, respects personal space and knows how to cope with troubles and failures in life. We do not say that he is looking for an older woman intentionally. Just a young man subconsciously begins to get interested in older ladies. They can look outwardly the same as younger girls. Their maturity manifests itself in other things. Each woman has a zest, but a young man who has reached the level of moral maturity immediately feels the woman, who will offer him a promising relationship.

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