Conquering the World with Kindness

Meet Naveen Dubey, the man who is winning the world with his kindness and wisdom!

By: Bhavya Gaind

All our dreams come true, if we have the courage to pursue them,” beautifully stated Walt Disney and the inspiring story of Naveen Dubey stands testament to the same.

An epitome of unflinching hard work and a courageous will to succeed, Naveen Dubey hails his roots from a humble family in Bihar, but that in no way stopped him from laying a strong foundation stone for himself.

When the children of his age were busy playing and partying, he was passionately engaged in building his castle of success by laying one brick at a time.

From partaking menial jobs to studying round-the-clock, Dubey left no stone unturned to ensure that he financially supported his family in the best of his ability and received quality education.

Fast forward to the present-day scenario, Dubey is creating ripples of change in the society with his philanthropic approach and a visionary acumen. The Founder of Sakonsa NGO and the Marketing Lead of famous microbrewery, The Brew Estate, Naveen Dubey provides an insider’s view into his trailblazing journey.

What motivated you to lay the foundation stone of Sakonsa? What is the story behind this name?

When I was in college, I was involved in multiple extra-curricular activities including working for the United Nations. I knew that there are a number of organizations working for the society, but still some things lag in them and I wanted to fix it. So, I founded Sakonsa with my batchmates to make a community where people come forward to serve the society. Sakonsa is basically a Latin word which means ‘message’. Everyone has a message which can change this world, if conveyed properly. With the aim of spreading this message, we are working with a team of young volunteers who are pioneers of peace, love and humanity.

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