Changing lives one home at a time…

When Motia Group’s baton was passed on to their next generation, it only exalted the level of their success. Here’s why!

By: Anuva Rana

The Big Giant

Even though Motia has become a big name in terms of commercial projects, it is its residential agendas that have always been in the limelight. So much so that it has become a household name in the field of real estate construction. This impromptu recall value that the brand has created for itself has come through years of hard work, determination, and the zest to provide quality. Their reliability sparks from the fact that they always deliver what they promise!

Continuing The Legacy

With Anil Mittal and Abhi Mittal having joined the team, their efforts have led the organization towards excellence. Their business acumen and intellectual reasoning combined with fieldwork experience and backed up with exemplary skills through education have made the powerful duo even stronger in their modus operandi.

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