‘Chandigarh is an epitome of peace and calm’

Adding sweetness to the City Beautiful, Ketan Kalra started Super Donuts with a vision of delivering happiness. With a mission to spread this charming brand all around the country, Ketan and his team believe that satisfying their customers is their biggest achievement. Urban Melange talks to him about his brand, Chandigarh, and more.

Q1. Tell us about Super Donuts and your vision behind it.

With its inception in 2012, Super Donuts is now recognized as India’s first organized Donut brand and an established American eatery. It was first conceived as a dream to deliver an exciting food experience. With exhilarating launches and a determined commitment towards growth, Super Donuts’ vision invokes delivering happiness with the best quality of food. The vibes resonate with the high spirits of our enthusiastic endeavors towards spanning our wings pan India.

Q2. what is the biggest challenge people face during the whole process of Hospitality?

Every entrepreneurial experience, tags along with its own share of stumbling blocks. In the field of hospitality, daily operations present the biggest challenge beginning from the most important factor of food quality to be maintained, moving on to staffing, audits, marketing of the products. In today’s time and age, it is very important for a brand to have a strong social media presence, and in order to fulfill that, it is a perpetual effort. Once the daily automation, is set under regulated control, it becomes an onset towards success.

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