Carving a Niche in the Fashion Industry

What started with a passion for creativity & designing, ultimately led fashion connoisseur Simran Owner start Studio Ambre and ever since then, there has been no turning back!

When did it click that this was the right profession for you? Describe the dynamics of your career so far?

Having completed my graduation from Pearl Academy of Fashion, I pursued my passion for designing by working under a lot of renowned fashion names. However, it was only after taking the required amount of experience that I started my own label in New Delhi. From the very onset, my main focus and proficiency lied in bridal wear and celebration wear.

Even after my marriage, proclivity towards creating innovative design kept running in my mind. Thanks to my pillar of strength, my husband and my lovely family that after having kids, I once again started my brand in Amritsar.

What according to you distinguishes your work from all others in the same domain as yours?

I believe every designer has a different style and their own unique value. And I also have faith that the best designs don’t come from one person but from a team with a facilitated vision. What I always try is to bring in my work is passion for every bit that I’m doing. You certainly need to be clear thinkers and good communicators to connect with your client and bring forth your talent. So under one room, I give my client all types of versatility in design as well as pricing.

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