Carrying Forward the Legacy

Presenting an exclusive interview with Karm Bains, Member of Sutter County Board of Education

The fourth-generation farmer with a diversified Land Development portfolio, Karm Bains has been born and bred in the Yuba City, California. However, his ancestral roots hail from Hoshiarpur, Punjab and the same translates into his devout upbringing which is deep-rooted in the ethos and values of Sikhism.

Although it can feel isolating being in the United States, I try to maintain a direct link back to Punjab in the best of my ability. Whether that means visiting, phoning home, or bringing Punjabi culture with us here in Yuba City. I believe that it is very important to maintain proximity with our roots,” shared Bains who is presently located in California with his better-half, Harpreet and four children Barron, Meaghan, Jaya and Devika.

Our Punjabi heritage is also a source of motivation and inspiration for me. Our people have endured so much throughout our histories. We must reflect on the past to move forward,” he further added.

What do you love the most about being a part of the Sikh community?

There is togetherness and unity that exists in the Sikh community that crosses all divisions of time, space, and cultural difference. I know that I can walk into any Gurdwara across the planet and instantly feel at home. Whether it’s giving a nod to a Singh I see in public or speaking with them about their pind; Sikhi means solidarity.

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