Cancer is a word, not a ‘sentence’

Chandigarh-based philanthropist, Mrs Bittu Sandhu shares her truly inspiring journey of empowering women

By: Bhavya Gaind

Trials and tribulations are an indispensable part of life but it’s up to you whether you surrender to those challenges or take the bull by the horn and pave your way out of the adverse circumstances. Similar is the journey of Mrs Bittu Sandhu who lost her sister due to breast cancer at a very young age. However, blessed with an indomitable will, Sandhu marshalled all her energies and laid the foundation stone of Rani Breast Cancer Trust and ever since then, she has been creating ripples of change by shattering myths and spreading awareness about breast cancer in the society.

Mrs Sandhu dons various hats including that of a musician, writer, and philanthropist. Her first book ‘Safeena‘ received a lot of critical acclaim. The book was sold out twice and she recently launched its third print that comes with a CD. Her second book, Sadhran – The Anxious Wait‘ is a collection of 45 poems which has been published in Punjabi and Hindi.

Over the years, Mrs Sandhu has built a note-worthy reputation for her philanthropic acts. So, we speak to her to know more about her inspiring journey!

Take us through your journey of Rani Breast Cancer Trust?

The journey of Rani Breast Cancer Trust was started in 2007 in the fond memory of my sister who died from Breast Cancer almost 30 years ago. During those days, there was no awareness about Breast Cancer and with the passage of time, I decided to take the plunge and create awareness about this disease. We conduct an array of seminars and workshops wherein we also distribute leaflets to make people aware about Breast Cancer. We even provide free Mammography to the needy women.

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