Bridal Preparation

Rediscover your beauty by preparing one-month prior!                 

To look your best on your wedding day, start your bridal beauty preparation in good time, starting a month in advance. Here is a total skin-care programme, comprising of daily, as well as periodic treatments. The programme is for 10 days. Repeat it to complete a month.

Daily facial cleansing: For your daily care routine, cleanse your skin twice a day.

  • For normal to dry skin: Take half a cup of cold milk, add five drops of olive oil. Put it in a bottle and shake well. Cleanse the skin with it, using cotton wool. Keep the left-over mixture in the fridge.
  • For oily skin: Mix rose water, cucumber juice and lemon juice in equal quantities. Apply on the face and wash off after 10 minutes with plenty of water.
  • For combination skin: Take one-fourth teaspoon lemon juice and add one teaspoon each cold milk and cucumber juice. Wipe the face with this, using cotton wool. Rinse well.

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