Braid your hair……make a style statement 

Shahnaz Husain
Braiding the hair is not really new. The hair was braided even during the ancient times.  Many African tribes were known to braid their hair. In fact, plaits, which are much like braids, were very common, especially in India. There are so many ways that the hair can be braided that it seems that braided hair will never go out of style. Even now, in 2022, braiding is a popular hairstyle trend.  
Braids are perfect for hot and humid days. They keep the hair off the face and even from the nape of the neck. To feel cool go for braided hair. Fancy hair accessories can also be used to hold the braid together. The hair can be braided and then coiled at the back of the head into a chignon, held together with a decorative hair clip. A plain chignon can be made to look more elaborate, by plaiting a part of the hair and coiling it around the chignon. 
You could even try the French braid! Start with a few sections of the hair at the crown and add more and more sections, with the braid becoming thicker as one goes downwards. Or you can start braiding the hair from the top, taking it to either side of the head. If the hair is shoulder length, it is easier to make a braid, than if the hair is short. 

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