Believe in yourself’

Bringing out the essence of ethnic wear, Harshdip Khangura of Doria Arts believes in hard work and says that it is the key to success. Talking to Urban Melange, she urges women to believe in themselves and asks them to stop creating barriers in their heads. Here, she shares her take on being an entrepreneur and her journey.

Q.1 Why did you choose this line of profession for yourself? What was your inspiration?

The artistic drive behind embroidery always gave me a push to create and curate more and more new designs to express myself. I always had love for art and so I myself learnt the art of embroidery and designed my own suits and my daughter’s as well.

Q.2 What helped you in being a successful entrepreneur?

Today’s world is all about how hard you work. The only person you can rely upon to become successful is yourself. Being self-reliant and the motive to better yourself than you were yesterday is the major key behind any success.

Q.3 How important it is for our country to have women at the top corporate level jobs and why?

There is no field in this day as where women haven’t posed as equal and important. Today’s woman knows her importance and worth. Not only fashion but other industries will practically fail without women. It’s utterly important to have both aspects, so just like males, female entrepreneurs are also equally important.

Q.4 Did you have to face any problems in your professional journey just because you are a women?

It would not be right to say that there weren’t any. No work is a cakewalk. Initially one faces struggle while learning or doing things. But once you get the hold of them and have support of your family, everything starts to fall in place.

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