Being a Media Advisor is most exciting

With a glorious career spanning over 35 years as an eminent journalist, Raveen Thukral has been associated with several Print and TV media organizations, including The Hindustan Times, The Tribune, and ITV Network (India News/News X channels). An old-school journalist who likes to keep pace with modern technology, Thukral has to his credit several investigative series of articles of several important events. At present, he is the Media Adviser to the Chief Minister of Punjab, writes Mandeep Puri

Q. From a journalist to an editor, and now a Media Advisor to CM Punjab. Tell me about yourself and your journey so far.

I’ve always liked challenges coupled with a desire to make a difference; I chose to enter journalism way back in 1986 to see if I could do both. The journey from being a hardcore reporter to Editor and then Media Advisor to the CM has been one of the most

An exciting one, with many learnings and memories, which perhaps I might capture in a memoir someday.

Q. How did you get into communications and politics? What does it mean to be an effective communicator?

It was a natural progression to communications. After all, a journalist has to be an effective communicator. As for politics, I never was and still am not into politics. I am simply working in an environment of politics, which even media organizations these days are.

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