‘Baking is my Stress Buster’

When best of two worlds come together, it is bound to be amazing. This is what Devashree Muni, Founder, Cocoa Cellar had in mind when she came up with her alcohol infused desserts. She wanted to do something different for her target market and came up with desserts like Whiskey & Cashew Cookies, Sacher Torte, Amarula & Dark Chocolate cupcake and more. We talked to her about her journey till now and what does a typical day at the backend of a bakery looks like.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you talk about dessert?

Well, I would say Stress Buster. There’s a saying, Stressed is desserts spelt backwards! Like, have you ever eaten a batch of cookies or a cake and felt that relief after having it all? Probably, you were going through some stress and desserts work as the best stress relievers.

Did you always wanted to be a pâtissier? How has your journey been?

The journey has been incredible. From doing a bakery course in Mumbai and interning with Trident BKC to Le Cordon Bleu and working in some of the best places in Sydney. It’s been unforgettable. 

Which is your best-selling chocolate? How has the response been?

The response has been amazing. Everyone who has ordered has given positive feedback and that only pushes me to continue doing my best every time. From its texture, richness to the aftertaste, everything is lauded and appreciated by our patrons.

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