Appreciating the “Beauty in Nature”

Here’s an exclusive tête-à-tête with multi-award winning Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr. Niketa Sonavane, Owner & Managing Director of Ambrosia Aesthetics

Why did you choose this area of specialty? How has the experience been so far?

As a young child, I always appreciated the beauty in nature. I loved to be surrounded by happiness and love. When I grew up, I realized that beauty and happiness go together. Happy people felt more beautiful and confident and people with skin problems often struggled with low self-esteem and negative thoughts which made their skin problems worse.

This mind-body connection intrigued me. So, when I graduated in MBBS, I knew that I wanted to make people feel happy and beautiful about themselves. That’s how I decided to pursue Dermatology post-graduation.

I completed my post-graduation from BYL Nair Hospital. At that time, the Nair Hospital Dermatology department was headed by Dr Sangeeta Velaskar, who is the current Vice President and Head – Medical Services and R & D, Kaya Limited. Having Dr Velaskar as a mentor was an exhilarating experience driven by the never-ending search for perfection and medical advances.

By the time I completed my post-graduation, I realized that being a Dermatologist was not enough! Cosmetic Dermatology is a very vast subject in itself. I am glad to have received training and knowledge from over 10 International dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons.

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