An Unrelenting Pursuit of Excellence

Presenting Dr. Tejinder Bhatti talk about his latest project, ‘Five Rivers Wellness Clinics’ ; an initiative to take Darling Buds a notch higher than the rest.

Tell us something about your eco-friendly hair-transplant center?

My hair-transplant center, Darling Buds is now the part of a bigger & more ambitious project, the ‘Five Rivers Wellness Clinics’ in New Mohali. It houses Amulya Labs, a state-of-the-art Clinic Path Lab, which is being run by a well-known Pathologist.

I strongly believe that in today’s professional & legal milieu, it is not possible to meet the requirements of the Clinical Establishment Act by running a medical center in a part showroom or a one-room booth like 99% of other hair transplant clinics in India and abroad.

To provide patient safety, a full-time competent backup team of an anesthetist, lab support, critical care support and the disabled friendly environment is a must. Fire safety, biomedical waste disposal, and treatment of medical effluent through sewerage & effluent treatment are very important for the safety of the environment and the neighboring dwellings & establishments. Medical waste & effluent can be life-threatening and as the responsible citizens of society. So, it is our duty to have a safe disposal system. This cannot be accomplished in small establishments where there is a paucity of space.

So, we have come up with our latest venture which is equipped with a green building that conserves energy and saves water through water harvesting. We’ve undertaken this effort to stay at par with the best international standards. Our competitors in the field of hair transplant & cosmetic surgery have established a high benchmark for us to emulate and our clients are very selective in this regard.

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