An Epitome of Excellent Photography

A renowned photographer of the region, Mr. Sandeep Sahdev takes us on a joyful ride tracing the journey of his life! 

By: Bhavya Gaind

Hailing his roots from a family of photographers, Mr. Sandeep Sahdev was born with an inherent passion and zeal for the art of photography which led him to spearheading the Sandeep Sahdev Photography Studio in the heart of City Beautiful and ever since then, there has been no turning back! Quipped with a diverse experience for over two decades, Mr. Sandeep has proficiency in photojournalism, fashion, advertising, wedding and product photography.

How did photography happen to you? How did you develop interest in this field?

Photography has been in my blood; my father and my grandfather were eminent photographers. Apart from that there are many other family members who are photographers in different fields including journalism, defense, fashion etc. So, ever since childhood I had keen interest in photography. To further hone my expertise in photojournalism, I pursued Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication, following which I started working in the industry.

Needless to say, my experience has been truly enriching for all this while.

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