An Encapsulating Trail

Presenting an insider account of how Mr. Sahil Malik, Managing Director of Da Milano built his opulent empire brick by brick!

What inspired you to initiate Da Milano? How has the journey been so far?

I joined the family-run business when Da Milano had just one store in New Delhi. I always had a vision and the passion to grow the brand. I always wanted to make it a brand and expand it across the globe. The idea of creating a brand was novel to my family, and I had to prove myself by making this model a success.

The journey from 1 store to more than 80 stores has been eventful and encapsulating. I started working on opening more stores the year I entered the business. At that time, we were among the first few brands in India. Things around that time were more focused and somewhat limited as well, which helped the major fashion players at the time to not face heavy competition. Now, the fashion scene is broad and varied and also accepting. With growing luxury brands in the market, the purchasing power of the customer has also increased. The customers are well informed and well-travelled who are aware of the luxury brands.

We have seen the market trends change, and it has been an eventful journey.

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