Photo Essay

Adding ‘Lapel to your floral decoration

Dialogues by Nirmals isone of India’s finest home décor brands known for their bespoke crafted textiles, as well as for bringing to the country, some of the world’s most iconic brands in the segment. They have introduced in India a new collection of delightful flower vases, titled Lapel, by Mobje that add an eye-catching aesthetic to your décor.

With their unique form and the delightful riot of colours, the Lapel flower vases bring a fresh look to any interior. They are inspired by the ‘lapel’, the decorative part of a piece of clothing that enhances its beauty and elegance attracting attention. The shape of the collars or necklaces immediately alters the style impression you make. The collars become the defining character of the handmade Lapel vases, as they can be folded to arrange flowers in different styles.

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