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Adding Charm to the City Beautiful

Nestled in the midst of the exquisite view of the Shivalik mountain range and greenery, the art of luxury comes to life at The LaLiT Chandigarh. The Lalit hotels often take inspiration from the city itself, reflecting the cultural ethos in the hotel’s design. The beautiful structure of Lalit Chandigarh is inspired by Le Corbusier designs, regarded as one of the greatest architects.

The hotel offers an inventory of 179 rooms and suites, 30,000 square feet of banqueting space, an ensemble of restaurants offering delectable food and services, country’s top nightclub, Kitty Su and more.
The suites have been built in full-length glasses that allow you to wake up with a view of the Shivalik range and the forest. The team at The Lalit is stellar at their work and have been trained to prioritize the guest’s need above else. Every piece of art, furniture and cloth used at the hotel, is well thought out, the designs, material and inspiration are all an ode to the city’s culture.  The hotel is more than just a luxury property, it is a symbol of unity and harmony, the very thing Chandigarh stands for. The architecture of the hotel, tells a story of art in Chandigarh, the tall glasses, 360 degree compound that stretches throughout the perimeter, modern finish and the huge front brick wall with the logo is inspired by the city itself.

The hotel houses each of group’s signature restaurant from OKO to Baluchi, all day diner, 24/7 to the nightclub Kitty Su. The signature Pan- Indian restaurant, Baluchi is a jewel in this ensemble. The kitchen is managed by the talented Executive Chef, Nandita Karan whose years of experience and skills have made the restaurant such an attraction. The menu curated by the chefs, pay an homage to the traditional dishes of Chandigarh and high-quality Mughlai food. The food is talked about all over the country, the delicacies at Baluchi are one of a kind, they are scrumptious, decadent and timeless, especially the tender galautis, matka biryani and the famous dal Baluchi. The grub is fresh, organic and the chef incorporates healthy recipes for a balanced meal. The Pan Asian destination, OKO, is quite popular amidst the GenZ. The restaurant is not only offering Asian delicacies to its patrons, it is setting a high benchmark for gourmet lovers

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