Acing the Visual Art of Architecture

Gaurav Verma, Principal Architect, GV Architects & Assoc. provides an insider’s view into his journey of gracefully acing the visual art of architecture

By: Bhavya Gaind

The backbone of the real estate sector, architecture plays a pivotal role in every step of building a heavenly abode.  So, in an exclusive interview with one of the most sought-after architects of the region, Gaurav Verma, we explore his trailblazing journey in this sector.

Architecture is a ray that emerges into many other fields and has a vast scope with unlimited learnings that are yet to be explored. While I have pursued my master’s in architecture and I have been in this profession since almost a decade now, it still seems like it is just the beginning and there is still a long way to go,” firmly shares Verma who has been spearheading architectural projects independently for all this while.

He has worked as an Assistant Architect for one year in the Department of Archaeology and Museums, Punjab, and has also served as a Guest Faculty in architecture colleges for 4 years.

Verma is presently working as the Principal Architect for GV Architects & Assoc. Here’s more about him!

Walk us through your journey in the shoes of an architect. How did it all start?

My journey as an architect was not at all planned, it was more due to my father’s will. Luckily, I developed my interest and knowledge into it very soon. The graduation period of 5 years was so long that the scope of the architecture profession in society went through so many gradual variations that by the time I passed out my bachelors course, a lot many things changed in this field that was out of the range of expectations. The sudden variations in the field of real estate also influenced the professional existence of architectural players. Candidly saying, it’s all about buildings that consume unlimited capital for its development, where huge sectors of corporates play a major role. So, out of all these sectors of development, architecture is the most sensitive and emotional field.

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