Ability beyond Disability

In spite of being declared to be differently abled, Deepak Sahni decided to tread ahead on the path of life with an optimistic approach and that is what made all the difference. After all, crystal rain falls from black clouds!

Deepak Sahni , the Founder & CEO of Aadhaar Foods India is an epitome of perseverance complimented with an indomitable will. In spite of being declared disable by some renowned doctors from across the country, he didn’t let the shine of his vision dim and kept on moving with an optimistic approach towards life, and that is certainly what made a difference!

Aadhaar Foods India is a company headquartered in Solan, Himachal Pradesh. The brand manufactures and sells products in fancy food packaging. The entire range includes wheat flour, Maida, Besan, Sooji, Dalia, Poha, Nutri, vermicelli and other food products. In less than an year’s time, he has proved to the world that Yes!, ability is beyond any disability. In class 12th, he topped the nation by scoring highest in Economics (getting 99 percent). While this was the first milestone achievement, which showed his caliber, there are fathomless other occasions which speak of his victory. Deepak has been a great source of inspiration for people across the globe, and his effective & efficient entrepreneurial skills is something that we cannot afford to neglect. So, we speak to him to know more about his journey of unflinching optimism and triumph.
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