A Planner for Pre-wedding Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic procedures

By Dr Puneet Kapoor

Gone are the days when planning the wedding was all about the venue, the wedding dress, and the invitations. These days the brides and grooms are rarely the fresh-faces 20 somethings. Most ‘newly-weds’ these days are usually from the 25-35 years age group, and many are already seeking treatments for reversing the signs of aging. Many treatments need advanced planning without which you end up getting only quick fixes that might not fully resolve all the issues you have.

Here’s a bride and groom’s beauty road map timeline that they should keep in mind when deciding to visit a cosmetic surgeon:

12 months prior: If you are thinking of going in for nose reshaping with Rhinoplasty, you should know that the post-surgical swelling takes almost 9-10 months to settle down after which we see the final shape.

9 Months Prior: Laser Hair Removal for underarms, bikini area, arms, legs or face, you must start at least a year in advance since it requires up to 6-8 settings to achieve a significant hair reduction. Additionally, if Breast Enhancement, Breast Lift, or Breast Reduction is on your checklist, you would need at least 9 months to allow the tissues to heal optimally to give you the best results.

6 Months Prior: Men who are tormented by enlarged male breasts should undergo Gynaecomastia surgery at least 6 months before their special day to achieve a perfect contour. Women who are thinking of Liposuction for body reshaping should also visit a cosmetic surgeon early on as it takes a few months to see the final shape.

Coolsculpting is an incredible non-surgical option to get rid of those stubborn fat pockets that are going to show up in your designer bridal dress. Although the results of Coolsculpting can be seen in 2 months after a single sitting, sometimes you need 2-3 sessions if the stubborn fat fold is too large.

Good skin health is the foundation of a glowing-bride look, and there is nothing better than Hydrafacials to achieve this. You would, however, need a series of treatments to get rid of acne breakouts, or excessively dry skin to ensure a flawless skin on your special day. Sometimes additional treatments like Microdermabrasion, Micro-needling or Vampire facials also can be added as per the need.

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