A ‘Pataaree’ of Traditions & emotions

Shagun Bawa, Founder, Pataaree Studios Pvt. Ltd. bid adieu to her 13 year high flying career in the UK to make her way back home and chase her dreams – to create something that was connected to the celebration of our roots, culture and tradition, and after a lot of research, obstacles and roadblocks, she established Pataaree Studios, a one stop-shop for customized wedding solutions.

You relocated from the UK to start Pataaree, what inspired you to make this move?

Moving back to India was driven by a personal situation, however, I was clear that I wanted to start something of my own and explore my creative potential. Hence, after dabbling in a few things, the first trousseau trunk got made and that laid the foundation for Pataaree. 

What was your vision and mission behind this brand?

Pataaree’s vision is to empower the people who work with us by providing them economic and social security. This is our team of artisans who create the beautiful products we handcraft. Our mission is to take our products across the globe to the right wedding markets and establish ourselves as a leader in the wedding gifting industry.

What do you love the most about Punjabi traditions?

Traditions (Punjabi or otherwise) signify a sense of community – a connection with the past, where we’ve come from, but also a way forward to form new bonds. The storytelling which gets depicted through the use of our products is what fascinates me the most and is the biggest motivator in creating the beautiful products we make at Pataaree.

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