A Joyful Ride

“Evolution, I believe, comes from hard work and incessant struggle,” avers the versatile designer, Apurva Jindal

Apurva Jindal, the designer of Apurva Jindal Label, has her roots in Delhi from a family background of property dealing decided to fetch her dreams without giving up. After the completion of her designing degree from Amity University, she opted to move out to Middlesex London University for her Masters in International Business Management. With goals in her mind and marriage on the cards, she shifted to Chandigarh for a happily ever after with her husband. “He is my backbone, the ultimate support I ever needed” she proudly utters. With a six-month-old daughter in one hand, she wanted to conquer the world with the other hand. She fearlessly breaks all the stereotypes and compels one to never give up on what they want from life.

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