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A boost to Luxury hospitality in Middle East with Akhom-PHG partnership

The luxury hospitality market in the Middle East is set to get a boost following the partnership between Akhom Consulting and Palladium Hotel Group (PHG). Akhom Consulting will lead the sales and marketing representation for PHG in the GCC countries and other parts of the region.

Palladium Hotel Group is a well-known Spanish hotel chain that has been in operation since the late 1960s. With 40 hotels in six countries, the group is a significant player in the global hospitality industry.

The partnership between Akhom Consulting and PHG will focus on developing market access strategies that ensure sustainable growth and positioning for the hotel chain in an increasingly competitive business environment. The Akhom Consulting team has a wealth of experience in the Middle East region, with experts who specialize in the travel and tourism industry.

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