‘The Moms Co.’

Meet Malika Datt Sadani, the visionary woman who has embarked on a mission to help moms in India and across the world to make safe, natural and effective choices for themselves and their loved ones

A passionate entrepreneur and a mother of two young daughters, Malika Datt Sadani is the Founder & CEO of The Moms Co., India’s leading company for toxin-free products catering to expectant and new mothers seeking natural, chemical-free products for their daily personal care regimen.

The idea for The Moms Co. came to her, a banker-turned-entrepreneur, in 2012; when she had just moved back to India from London. At the time, she couldn’t find safe products for her daughters locally; in fact, one of her daughters also suffered from a skin condition, which made high-quality solutions a necessity. She spoke to a number of parents, only to realize that there was a gap in the market for products that mothers could trust, and the concern wasn’t hers alone. This birthed a brand, which many moms now rely on. Here’s more about her journey!

Walk us through your journey as a mompreneur? How has it been so far?

It’s been great, touchwood! The Moms Co. came about from a personal struggle of not being able to find good quality, natural & safe products for my daughters. It was during my stay in London that I got introduced to the harmful effects of chemicals used in skincare products. On moving back to India, I realised it was so hard to find great quality natural products that were safe & effective. I landed up importing products for my daughters. I spoke to over 200 moms to realise they too struggled with the same problem and depended on friends and family’s travel plan to stock up on their stuff. The others who couldn’t were on a constant lookout for better options for their kids. Why should something like finding a good, safe lotion or a wash be that difficult? Why wasn’t there a brand looking to solve the need moms had for good quality, natural products that are safe and effective? That was when the idea to create a brand that can truly be a partner to a mom’s journey into motherhood came alive.

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