“What is your new year’s resolution for 2016?”

“I want to start working out and achieve my fitness goals”; is more often than not, the answer for a majority of the people across all ages. With money running the

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world and giving us a run for our money, we often neglect this extremely important aspect of life. That same wealth gained over years is later put to use in correcting the wrong done. What we don’t realize is that just devoting an hour of our day ( 4% of the day ) can help us lead a much more productive life, able to cherish experiences better, have an enhanced self esteem and get comments like “Wow! You look hot/ I envy you / You’re so fit.” While mostly people indulge in fitness due to the overwhelming satisfaction of looking good and attracting the opposite sex, as you turn into a veteran in the sport, you come to realize that cardiac endurance, muscular strength, overall flexibility, better energy levels and mental productivity are just as enticing.

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It’s not a rocket science though. A lot of fads keep surfacing in the subject with people throwing fancy jargons around. It’s not about obsessing over an 8 meals a day, low carb, low fat, keto, intermittent fasting, IIFYM diet or having sleepless nights wondering whether HIIT is better than slow paced cardio. One should feel liberated rather than tied down because it is not a sprint but a marathon. Developing a consistent lifestyle around fitness works the best. Fundamentals remain the same: workout hard 5/6 times a week ( weight training, sports, zumba, crossfit, dance etc), eat fresh and unprocessed nutritious foods and rest enough to recover. Supplementation does help, but like the word itself, it is supplementary to the aforementioned cornerstones of fitness. And when you have all the factors nailed down, don’t be afraid to flaunt what you’ve earned. Nobody buys a Ferrari to keep it in the garage. Be fit, live better. – Jai Inder Singh (Fitness specialist)